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Nick Tate - ObamaCare Survival Guide

Nick Tate

Nick Tate


Nicholas J. Tate is an award-winning journalist, editor, an author who has written extensively about health, business, technology, finance, music, and consumer affairs issues. His work has appeared in Newsmax Magazine, the Miami Herald, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Herald, Health Radar Newsletter, and other print and online publications. Following a fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health, he authored his first book, The Sick Building Syndrome.  He is also an experienced educator whose background includes teaching health/science journalism as an adjunct professor at Emory University in Atlanta, as well as conducting a variety of training seminars for college students, scientists, doctors, business executives, and public relations specialists in the area of health communications. Nick Take currently resides in South Florida, where he enjoys success as an independent writer, editor, online producer, and teacher.

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