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About Humanix Books

Humanix Books is a trade publisher with a unique difference: our unparalleled ability to speak directly to consumers.

Humanix Books specializes in books for patriotic, independent, free-thinking Americans from acclaimed experts in Health & Wellness, Self-Help & Mindfulness, Motivational & Inspirational, Christianity & Spirituality, Personal Finance, Investing & Retirement, Politics, Current Events, History, Military History, Biography & Memoir, Leadership & Management, as well as Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime Thriller, Suspense & Espionage. 

Humanix Books publishes New York Times bestselling books by authors with original stories, ground-breaking ideas and unparalleled expertise in their fields, including:

David Horowitz (BIG AGENDA, DARK AGENDA & BLITZ), Dick Morris (ARMAGEDDON & POWER GRAB), Jerome Corsi (KILLING THE DEEP STATE), Ben Stein (THE CAPITALIST CODE), Dr Laura Schlessinger (Love & Life) as well as ground-breaking health & wellness books by Dr Chauncey Crandall, Dr Gary Small, Dr David Brownstein, Dr Russell L Blaylock and the #1 New York Times Bestseller Obama Care Survival Guide.

Humanix Books is a global publisher with distribution around the world and books published in many languages and formats.

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