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Available to the trade through Two Rivers Distribution. For more information, contact your sales representative, or contact customer service at (866) 400-5351 or ips@ingramcontent.com.

Proposal Submissions

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Humanix Books welcomes submissions of proposals for books in the following topic areas:

  • Non-Fiction: health/wellness; personal finance and investing; retirement; self-help; conservative politics & current events; history
  • Fiction: crime thrillers; mystery; historical fiction

A proposal should contain the following:

  • Description of project
  • Table of Contents
  • One sample chapter or Introduction if possible **
  • 2 to 3 Similar Titles (Readers of these titles would also be interested in your title)
  • Author credentials
  • Author’s marketing plan – how you will help market/publicize your book
    • Social media statistics (Facebook/Twitter followers etc)
    • Speaking/Consulting Engagements
    • Press/Media contacts
    • Endorsements


**Please do not send complete manuscripts. Complete manuscripts will not be considered.

Send proposal materials to: info@humanixbooks.com