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Available to the trade through Two Rivers Distribution. For more information, contact your sales representative, or contact customer service at (866) 400-5351 or ips@ingramcontent.com.

Rights & Permissions

In order to obtain permission to reprint, translate, or otherwise make use of material published by Humanix Books, please submit a written request by e-mail, fax, or letter. Permission cannot be granted over the phone.

Requests must contain the following information:

   About the Humanix Books material you wish to use:

  • Author/Editor
  • Book title
  • Article and/or chapter title, if applicable
  • Publication year
  • ISBN
  • Requested pages (page range) and, if applicable, figure, map, or illustration numbers

   About you:

  • Name
  • Affiliation (if applicable)
  • Full mailing address
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

   About your project:

  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Author and/or editor
  • Publication date
  • Number of pages in your publication
  • Distribution (e.g. U.S only, North America, Worldwide)
  • Format (e.g., cloth, paper, both, E-book, other)
  • If a translation, please specify the language
  • Print run for each format
  • List price for each format
  • Additional information, as applicable

Requests should be sent to:

Rights & Permissions
Humanix Books 
P.O. Box 20989 
West Palm Beach, FL 33416
Tel; 1-561-459-5997
Fax: 1-561-241-6448

Email info@humanixbooks.com

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