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David Sherer - Hospital Survival Guide, The Patient Handbook to Getting Better and Getting Out

David Sherer, MD (Chevy Chase, MD) is an American physician, author and inventor. He is a member of Leading Physicians of the World, and a multitime winner of HealthTap’s leading anesthesiologists award. Dr. Sherer has retired from his clinical anesthesiology practice in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and now focuses on patient education, writing and patient advocacy; including as a medical and health video commentator for Bottom Line Inc.'s WHAT YOUR DOCTOR ISN'T TELLING YOU columns and podcasts. He holds two US patents in the fields of critical care medicine and telecommunications. Appearing in all forms of media, Dr Sherer is a tireless advocate for hospitalized patients, and believes that individual responsibility, and not government intervention, is the key to improving the general health and wellbeing of all Americans.


The author lives & works in the Washington DC metro area.